About Us

Drone Management System™ (DMS™) was created and designed by professional drone operators, for professional drone operators. As we grew at HAZON Solutions®, our operations became complex enough to require more than a series of spreadsheets and dry erase boards, but we were unable to find a software application in the marketplace to meet our needs. We wanted a digital solution that fused our safety, maintenance and operations needs into one focused package, so we built it. The HAZON DMS™ was born of necessity and founded on the experience gained from years of military manned aviation and thousands of commercial drone inspections conducted on critical infrastructure.
HAZON Solutions® is the leading US developer of small UAV inspection service operations, capability development, training, safety and testing programs. HAZON provides subject matter expertise to ensure mission success through safe, effective and efficient operations. HAZON has deep roots in Naval Carrier aviation and intelligence systems. These unique backgrounds provide HAZON the experience and expertise to assist Fortune 1000 companies in the use of sUAV capabilities to increase safety and operational efficiencies.
“After reviewing many software solutions for UAS fleet management and having experience in managing a small fleet of aircraft manually, DMS™ offers the best user experience and out of the box features that matter. Many other companies promise so many things, but what matters to me is time spent learning the software and time spent logging the flights. DMS™ was very easy to learn and saves time in entering flight information, tracking maintenance, and managing training. I am very impressed with the software and look forward to seeing it continue to improve in the future.”