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Streamlining Your Commercial Drone Operations

2,200 individual flights.  Over 1,100 flight hours logged and tracked.  Hundreds of inspections and dozens of customers.  This is a volume and efficiency game.  These numbers come from HAZON Solutions service provider business operations in the third quarter of 2017.  HAZON is still a small business with a sharp eye on efficiency, to put up big numbers like these we needed some help.  It’s why we built DMS from scratch.

We’ve been in the high volume commercial drone business for the past three years.  Our goal every day is to maximize our capacity, maintain the highest quality and refine our process.  This focus on constant improvement led us to ditch the spreadsheets we were using a year ago to keep track of our flight related operations.  We had to have something that could keep up with the tempo of our operation without requiring additional manpower in the back office.  Enter the Drone Management System.

Let me rewind.  Five years ago I was in the US Navy assigned as the daily operations officer at the world’s largest fighter squadron.  I split my days between duty as an F/A-18 flight instructor and the lead for a team that scheduled the daily activity of over 900 people and 100 jets.  It was a daunting task made easier with specially designed software.  If it worked for the Navy, why wouldn’t it work for the drone business?  Back to HAZON…..

….we tested them all.  Drone specific software, manned aviation software, truck driving software. None of it worked.  It was all either too complex (looking at you manned aviation) or overly focused on the daily tasks of flying.  It was a tough call but we bit the bullet and built our own database.  The software was designed to support our needs as a high-volume operator.  It had to be flexible and fast.  I must record the data we needed but at a minimum imposition to our pilots.  It had to work on a cell phone and in the field.  It was a daunting task.

Eventually we recognized our database for what it was, one hell of a good product.  Drone operations management software, built on the principals of Naval Aviation, right sized for drone operations, streamline for businesses.

Here we stand today.  DMS continues to evolve as a more complete software offering every week and month.  We leverage the inputs of our users to add on features.  We partner with the best in the industry to bring in new capabilities.  We apply the same continuous process improvement mindset to our software line as we do to our services offerings.

Where is your business?  Are you collecting the data you need to run your operation?  Are you ready if the FAA comes calling?  How do you plan your operations?  Do you know how much you flew last week?  Are you ready to streamline?  Join us at DMS, commercial grade drone software.


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