HAZON DMS™ Features

Capitalize on Equipment

Get the most out of the investment you’ve made in your equipment. Aircraft hours and flights are logged when pilot hours are logged, providing users with one-stop reporting to ease the paperwork burden on your operation. Maintenance discrepancies and corrective actions are easily recorded and intuitively reported. HAZON DMS™ even automatically prompts users to enter discrepancies and corrective actions when an aircraft’s status changes, meaning no more missed maintenance reports.

Efficient Operations

Use HAZON DMS™ to manage customer jobs, plan projects, assign aircraft and task flight crews. Personnel at the office always have access to a project’s details and status, even while teams are on the road, through the Operations Dashboard. HAZON DMS™ easily supports a distributed network with ease.

Flight Logs

Log and track flight hours for everyone within your organization. Hours are logged quickly and efficiently into a familiar logbook format to ensure that your crews spend their time flying - not doing paperwork.

Work Scheduling

DMS™ provides for project based planning. Pick a date range and assign personnel, equipment and customer requirements. Teams report from the road the status of their assignments keeping the back office informed and the customer’s happy. It’s all about efficiency and effectiveness with DMS – get the most out of your teams with this drone services specific workflow.

Aircraft Inspection Tracking

Customize your inspection requirements - track by airframe hours, flights, or calendar period. Inspections are a routine part of any professional aviation operation, manned or unmanned. Ensure that your operation is kept on track via our customizable and intuitive inspection process.

Quick Reporting

HAZON DMS™ is designed to minimize the reporting burden on drone teams. Users can log a full day's worth of flying in less than 90 seconds, from log in to log out, via our desktop or mobile friendly application. HAZON DMS™ lets you keep your crews doing what they do best - flying.

Safety Oriented

Not only does HAZON DMS™ enhance your efficiency, but it also helps them stay safe by tracking pilot qualifications, aircraft inspection needs, and other important safety criteria. Designed by industry experts who have more than 80 years of aviation experience and have piloted thousands of commercial drone flights, this application covers all bases. Keeping your team safe in the air is the first step in keeping your program moving forward.

Mobile Friendly

Designed from the ground up as a mobile friendly application, our software doesn't compromise on capability when it delivers in a smaller package. Teams on the move will stay up to speed.

Qualification Tracking

The key to any successful drone program will always be its people. Make sure yours are trained and ensure they’re staying up on they’re staying on top of their qualifications with the Training Dashboard.

Lessons Learned

Rapidly distribute critical information and develop best practices within your team – even among a complex distributed organization. We all know how quickly this industry is evolving, stay ahead of the curve by maintaining a flat communications structure with the HAZON DMS™ Lessons Learned function.

Incident Reporting

If you fly long enough, a safety concern will eventually force you into breaking a Part 107 regulation, and rightly so – safety must always come first. Incident Reporting provides a venue for you to document that deviation, where only your team’s management will have access to it. Should the FAA come calling you’ll have quick access with detailed information on the facts of the matter.